Student Consulting Company ponte consult e.V.

Student corporate consultants

ponte consult e.V. is the HNU student consulting company, completely managed by members of the student body.

Since 2000, we have been offering our services regionally, our aim being to bridge the gap between theory and practice and create a dialogue between our committed students and companies. The very name 'ponte', which is Italian for 'bridge', underscores this objective. We offer a means of applying acquired theoretical knowledge and putting it into practice.

Anyone can join – regardless of their semester or degree programme. At the start of each semester, we cordially invite all students to come and find out about ponte consult e.V. and seek out students who wish to get actively involved in our association.

Interested? You can find out lots more about it and all the latest news at, or contact us directly.

We look forward to meeting you!

ponte consult e.V. – for students

Nowadays committed students are faced with a multitude of challenges. Excellent academic results, international exchanges, internships and soft skills are all advantageous in order to better position oneself. Additionally, an active professional network is extremely important in our modern business world.

ponte consult e.V. is the student corporate consulting company at the HNU and offers an ideal means of developing and improving soft skills early on – during your studies. Not only that: members are also afforded the chance to build a vast and varied network of contacts with companies, professional bodies and other decision-makers. This kind of network is extremely valuable and in most cases makes for a much easier start to students' professional careers. By working as part of a project team or as project manager, our members have the opportunity of actively demonstrating their dedication and abilities.

"I associate my time with ponte consult e.V. above all with the terms 'steep learning curve' and 'great teamwork'. It gave me the chance to gain valuable experience for my subsequent professional career and what's more, I got to know some great people." (Christian Markus Retz, General Manager divia GmbH)

ponte consult e.V. supports its members by holding seminars and workshops on project management, communication skills, time management, corporate identity, legislation governing associations, and finances.

ponte consult e.V. – for companies

Besides taking a holistic, professional approach to the projects entrusted to them, the consultants from ponte consult e.V. offers comprehensive customer care at every stage of the project and beyond.

Our project solutions have the following characteristics:

  • Creative ideas and new ways of looking at things
  • Innovative approaches to solutions
  • Interdisciplinary teams of consultants specifically chosen in line with projects
  • The HNU as an information and knowledge platform
  • Non-bureaucratic, flexible structures

At ponte consult e.V., excellence is our main focus: the association pays attention to top quality even when recruiting potential new student members. The members have to demonstrate their team capabilities, as well as their communication skills, in regular case study sessions. Moreover, ponte consult e.V. members are prepared for the project work in workshops within and outside the HNU.

Are you looking for a motivated, flexible partner who will draw up a suitable project solution for you? You've found the right partner in ponte consult e.V.!

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