The HNU Campus Card

The Campus Card will be with you from your first day at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) until the end of your studies. It is student identity card, library card, cafeteria card and ticket for the local public transport – all in one. This means that you can not only borrow books with the Campus Card, but also pay without using cash in the cafeteria and use the Donau-Iller-Nahverkehrsverbund (DING), buses and trams free of charge on weekdays after 6 pm as well as on weekends and on public holidays.
Anybody registered in Ulm or Neu-Ulm as their main residence for the first time will get a free ticket for one semester. When registering for main residence at the the registration office in Ulm you must also show your Campus Card and the HNU certificate of matriculation to receive the free ticket.

Contact the DING for further information.

The Campus Card has various functions – which are they?
  • University identity card (student identity card and postgraduate training card)
  • Library card
  • Paying in the cafeteria, the Studies and Exams Office and the library
  • Paying at all drink and snack vending machines as well as at all photocopiers
  • Ticket for public transport on weekdays after 7 pm, on weekends and public holidays  including the night buses – without having to buy an additional ticket
How can I add value to my Campus Card?

To use the payment function of the campus, first you need to load the card with a cash value at the terminals provided (located in front of the Studies and Exams Office and in the cafeteria). You can use either cash or your EC card to add value to the card.

Adding value with cash:

  • insert Campus Card
  • pay the value you want with cash
  • reclaim the Campus Card

The terminal cannot change money nor pay back any value added before.

Adding value with the EC card:

  • insert Campus Card
  • insert EC card
  • select amount to be booked
  • reclaim the Campus Card

Adding value to your printer account:
You can add value to your printer account independent of the opening hours of the Studies and Exams Office. You cannot add value to your account for printing directly with cash but you can transfer part of the value of your Campus Card to your printer account:

  • insert the Campus Card
  • select value to be transferred
  • reclaim the Campus Card

Please check all actions immediately by inserting the Campus Card again into the terminal. The current amount of value on your card will be displayed.

How can I best store my Campus Card?

The Campus Card is the property of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Please treat it carefully. E.g. you should not fold it or bend it permanently (by keeping it in your trouser pocket), it should not be dirtied, scratched, damaged or exposed to intense heat (such as in a washing machine).

In addition, you should not punch any holes in the card. We recommend that you keep the card in a jacket or store it securely together with other cards.

In case of loss, theft or careless damage to the Campus Card you need to apply for a new one in the Studies and Exams Office. The new card costs € 25. The value booked onto a lost or stolen card cannot be refunded.

How does the Campus Card function? Are my data protected?

There is a mifare chip on the Campus Card. The following data are stored on the chip: matriculation number, library number, date of creation of the card, access number, validity of the chip's serial number, intercard serial number and the electronic purse of the student services (anonymous, not personal data).

Card and card reader communicate via radio transmission. That is why there are no contact points visible on the card. Data flow from and to the card is safeguarded by project, sector, card and individual codes which are changed for every session.

Due to individual access rights, no acceptance point is able to access all data. Data of payment transactions are transferred anonymously to the student services.

Excerpt from the matriculation articles of the HNU

§ 15 Campus Card

(1) 1. When the student is enrolled, he/she is handed a Campus Card. 2. The Campus Card is property of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU).

(2) The Campus Card is the valid student ID with a fixed validity set by the Studies and Exams Office at its discretion, but at least for the duration of the course of studies. The Campus Card can be used as means of payment for paying functions at the HNU. It is also the library card; the Bavarian regulations for using libraries is not affected in any way by this. The Campus Card in combination with the certificate of matriculation entitles the student to purchase a DING semester ticket.

(3) Loss of the Campus Card must be reported to the Studies and Exams Office at once, together with a sworn written confirmation of the loss. If the card is lost, the student must apply for a replacement which costs € 25.

(4) When the student is to be removed from the register (exmatriculated), the Campus Card must be handed in. Any degree certificates to be issued when leaving the HNU will only be handed out when the Campus Card has been returned.


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